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Convert GIF, JPEG, and modern TIFF graphics by WordPerfect

A powerful freeware DOS-based graphics converter, you can choose to run full-screen or from the DOS command line. The program can be converted into one or more of the GIF or JPG format can be WPDOS input format for WPDOS 6.x, I recommend the use of TIFF format, for WPDOS 5.1, I recommend the use of PCX format, because the TIFF file from PictView creation does not meet WPDOS 5.1.
Use PictView to WPDOS 6.x converted into TIFF format graphics, you should have a slight change in its configuration, so you convert TIFF files can be imported into your document. Run PictView, press F7 key to install the program, choose the TGA, TIFF and other options [such as], and find a set of five projects "TIFF image compression." To change these settings for each PackBits. Return to the main configuration screen, and select "Exit and save changes to the configuration."
Erps you view, edit and convert images. You can open and edit pictures on your hard disk or capture images from a scanner. A screen capture capabilities are also included. The program can resize, rotate, adjust color, mirror, and insert text. . The plan also provides 27 image effects. The image converter can read 20 image formats and write 12 image formats. In addition, you can create a macro that contains multiple image processing operations.
There is a simple GIF Creator is contained in the wonderful graphical editor. It can help you to create GIF, BMP, JPG, and JPEG files animation. You can also use it to edit the GIF file, or each frame of the individual whole. This is an animated GIF and AVI converter, AVI files can be converted to GIF animation and AVI file format GIF animation. It supports the skin.

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