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Batch Image/Photo Editing and Image Conversion Software

AutoImager is a full-featured batch image converter and editor applications. The program is easy to use, because its "interface-driven", you do not understand, or even scripting to perform batch conversion and processing tasks. You simply select the file you wish to convert, or processing, conversion or processing tasks choose the option that you ready to go! Each image will be automatically associated with appropriate treatment, editing, processing, or conversion, applies. For example, the implementation of 140 PDF Converter + other image formats, resize photos, or apply filters to enhance photos. For those who need the power of automation, script or batch file processing, software, feature-rich command line with the infinite possibilities image file support.

Pre-filter, an optical filter, Light B filter, Light C filter, Star filter, amazing filter, filter dream, Dream B filter, Weather filter, Gradient filter, Color filter , Art filter, Texture filter, Edge filter, Edge B filter.

AutoImager is an advanced image converter that supports more than 140 different graphic image formats, and provides you with a variety of ways to enhance and change the image. Multi-page image conversion and editing full support, so that AutoImager very comprehensive suite of image file format conversion software.

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Batch Image/Photo Editing and Image Conversion Software

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