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Considerations when choosing image editing software

Such as cost, hardware requirements and availability, the needs of the basic elements to be examined, as well as a specific features and functionality provided by carefully assessed. It is important to recognize that some software is written only to address specific functions, or may be plug-ins or additional needs another program to run.

* Cost - In addition to the application itself, it can be from any (for free) to the cost of thousands of pounds (depending on the number of permits required), remember to budget: the future upgrades, training costs and / or time to familiar with the program; additional hardware requirements. Some software publishers to reduce the license fees, educational institutions.
* Availability - it is always a good idea to try it before buying the software. It is usually the company's Web site to download demo or evaluation version, and then determine: Is it easy to use? How good is the help file? Is a handbook to provide it? Whether the software publisher to provide any technical support or on-line training? Any third party to guide it? Are there any online forums or news groups? Is locally available training courses? The project will be able to find the skills required of staff?
* Hardware requirements - software publishers to provide the details of the minimum system / hardware requirements (platform, operating system, processor, memory, disk space, and monitors) need to run their own products. These are often accompanied by a recommended or suggested requirements, it is always wise to ensure that your system meets these recommendations, rather than the minimum: the lowest possible mean that program is running, but it is impossible to give full play to their capabilities.

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