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In general, a digital camera CCD sensors to capture the original image shown as the lower color saturation, and has obvious color shift. For example, red might appear as an orange, high brightness of the color will be white cases, and so on. And "Kodak color science and technology" image processing chip can be quickly applied at the right time the right quantity (as opposed to other image processing steps) of the amendment, to compensate for such deviations. In addition, many scenes as a result of the dynamics of the region is very wide, so, "Kodak color science and technology" image processing chip with the most appropriate color to restore the curve. Of course, a rich, accurate color and detail photos.


Kodak color for decades in research and technological achievements of the outstanding figures in the majority of photography was legendary, and Kodak will be the results of its extraordinary auto exposure, auto white balance and color together to restore the technology integrated into a "Kodak Color Science image processing chip" in. Result? There is no doubt that the Kodak camera to show unparalleled image quality.

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