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Photo editing software Photo-Bonny Evaluation Trial -1

The current fast-paced life, stress, people for the pursuit of efficiency and practicality is increasing, the characteristics shown in the design of software tools. Featured today is a photo to view the latest editing software specially designed for Windows Vista users (XP will need to install Microsoft. Net framework 3.0), completely free of charge to view the photo-editing software: Photo-Bonny stick view photo film picture editing software .

1, Photo-Bonny stick picture films, software, user can customize the settings button size, and select the display mode software interface. Software provides a wide-screen display mode, but also to adapt to the recent sudden increase in users of the wide display device.
2, Photo-Bonny viewer magnifying glass to see, a great watch, it is no mosaic.
3, Photo-Bonny stick pictures tablet system installed in WindowsVista, showing that the faster the speed and the best matching.

Click here to download Photo-Bonny stick view photo film picture editing software

     Digital imaging technology, rapid development, so that more and more people are on high-quality digital photography and filming the effect of addiction, this software can be used as both a professional photo browser tools can create high-definition photos Datoutie solved Conventional tools can not show the photo to view EXIF information, can not view photos and information professional histogram defects, vulgar ugly at the same time camera images all cancel out, the user can best use their own digital photos, create their own high - clear images, while the time, just take a few seconds.

Software Installation

     Photo-Bonny stick view photo film picture editing software, completely free to download, install and use, according to the user's situation, two types of installation: WindowsVista users or WindowsXP users.

     WindowsVista machine can directly install the software, WindowsXP machine, you need to install Microsoft's. Net framework 3.0 before you can run "baseball picture film." Convenient is that Microsoft. Net framework 3.0 is a Microsoft provided free of charge to the global expansion of the operating system, can be downloaded directly.

Software Design

     It is based on the latest technology platform, software interface design to the operation of the dynamic feedback effects of all of Vista, such as: the reflection of the interface design, photos of the dynamic effects of rotation, histogram of touch feedback, the touch pen dynamic , and all cases are in support of the objectives drag, better user-interface buttons set size, and for the wide-screen display devices consider the expertise and so on, all to break the general mechanical design software to achieve true interactive software operation .

Color user-defined interface

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