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Facebook Games and Their Blood Money

I would like to send updates to this thread and everyone who is monitoring the Allows you to keep abreast of our position.
First, the attack still going on. We will continue with our Service providers and who have been attacked in order to solve other companies .This problem, do our best. However, sustained and Chad said, we will be So, to continue and the problem of different access to Twitter APIs.

I got Facebook, asked me to register a new application in the message a little tired. In most cases, Facebook applications like smoke, permanent departure from some time, a black hole. Some of these applications altruism, higher than the average level of the design, or more interesting. However, I have recently come into contact with the game's Facebook application is not just me in a special drawing a very good set of new, they are smart, access to my wallet.

Now, this is Facebook, these games attempt to use your social plans to enter their games for more players. They provide you with a number of incentives to recruit your friends. By sending out invitations to your Facebook friends you earn additional playing time. This is a typical strategy, these types of games to recruit other players.


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Facebook Games and Their Blood Money