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Anniversaries Are the New Birthdays on Facebook

From the outset, Facebook has been integrated into the social DNA's birthday. The fun and Facebook is part of the cause of the wall to leave your friends, "Happy Birthday" while everyone rushed to the attention of a shop and bought them at the last minute gift.

Now Facebook (Facebook) is the (final), including the annual celebration of another important event into a combination of social networks: Anniversary. Facebookers is a pleasure (or misfortune) of the relationship, or in the sacred marriage, can now be added to the status of their relationship, and add a specific date, month and year, they became a couple.
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Where is the MySpaceMySpaceMySpace In all of these? At a standstill. As you can see on the map, the unique number of visitors is slowly reduced, while March fell 0.06%, 8.61% a year. Difficult to clear that what MySpace has done something wrong, I would like users have far more than it, and transferred to other more innovative, such as Facebook and Twitter's social network, and they are unable - or unwilling - to change enough to keep up with . This is still a huge social network, but unless they have something radical, I do not see their numbers go anywhere, but down the next few months.


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Anniversaries Are the New Birthdays on Facebook

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