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The best picture editing software list

The best of the best picture editing software, huh, huh, know the earth ah yes photoshop, photoshop is very powerful very powerful, high-level picture of the master is sometimes made at a press award in the award-winning news photos, deceive the very harsh Jury, cute. Not that specific PS put a few pictures, I feel a powerful under the PS. The following is a PS forum PS lovers of the picture very interesting.


Also visit you, PHOTOSHOP these are just the tip of the iceberg of the function, the works of masters.

By-laws: photocs4 latest Download: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Green official Chinese and English Special Edition

                                         Adobe Photoshop CS4 enhanced version of the perfect green

2, Ulead (Ulead) PhotoImpact10

PhotoImpact10 In fact, in all conscience that this is not worse than the photoshop, I first used it, which built a lot of animation effects and standard and signature of the shop? PS you do not know what technology can make a very professional image effects, with this Ulead PhotoImpact 10 is the best choice for you! Now (Ulead) PhotoImpact the latest version is 13, but in English, simplified Chinese version of the market is the version number v10.0, if you picture is the beginning of hand, then this is really your good choice, very good use!

By-laws: PhotoImpact10 simplified Chinese version of the latest download addresses: Ulead PhotoImpact V10 "Photo Hard" simplified Chinese version available more than 600 M was psychologically prepared for ah

3, paintshop

Paint Shop Pro is comparable with PhotoShop graphics and image processing software. It has a large and powerful rendering and image processing functions, there are a large number of professional drawing tools. In addition to support more than more than 30 file formats, it Layer functions provided by more than photoshop layer of more powerful features allow you to edit more than a combination of Layer and then, and each Layer can have different special effects, allows you to facilitate a number of editorial, when amending Layer can only be modified for a map without having to re-create! In addition, the built-in screen interception interception of any feature allows you to edit screen, and then use its special effects and production of a wide range of website features such as using buttons to create professional-class pattern. The software is also a professional level with the GIF animation tool category Animation Shop 3.05, it allows you to easily create professional-grade animation works.

By-laws: paintshop12 Download the latest English version: paintshop12

4, iSee picture experts

If you do not need to picture the system is too professional to do, only use light colors, such as the size of the effect of some simple, the ISEE, is your best option, a great homemade software Oh and is free of charge. Very small, only 14M.

The following information from the Internet: full-featured digital image processing tools, easy browsing, editing, sharing the management of your digital photos and computer images!
1, in support of more than 100 kinds of commonly used graphics, RAW, Flash Quick View / Edit / Save, easy to set up wallpaper / log in the background, simple and convenient e-mail functions;
2, image processing method of a fool;
3, a powerful image editing processing functions:
. Improve the basic image processing applications: rotate, color adjustment, compression convert images, add text, easy watermark, special effects. . .
. Image Effects: Built more than 30 kinds of image effects, rapid achievement of a variety of interesting image effects: Sharpen, Blur, snag, nostalgic photos, relief / sculpture, etc.;
. Powerful cutting / Cutout applications: rectangular / circular / making you the shape of the cutting function, and even can be easily automated cutting competencies; simple Cutout / to the background, combined with a watermark / graffiti function, so that how you want to map on how paste
. Digital post-processing: for the love of friends photography tailored digital post-processing applications, not only can quickly browse hundreds of camera RAW format paragraph, but also simple to complete soft art photos, reverse negative red, color, curve adjustment, digital post-processing such as white balance
. Non-mainstream, more editing processing applications
2, a powerful image entertainment applications:
. Camera to take photographs: personalized stickers crazy self, "see that the film" a preview of the picture frame support;
. Fashion Photo Frame: The most powerful professional-grade synthetic frame effects, and rapid production of stickers, calendars (calendar support), the card (the card in a synthesis of multiple pictures), writing pads, photo frame and picture support for the movement of the zoom, the official Web site is more a large number of frame plug-ins can be downloaded to upgrade;
. Dynamic Map-hyun: The popular image of the network applications of dynamic efficiency entertainment features, support for dynamic synthesis Forum portrait and signature validity, QQ commonly used expressions such as GIF dynamic efficiency, to support the synthesis of as many as 68 kinds of slide animation effects;
. Album Synthesis: The synthesis of the album process, screen savers or AVI video, support for custom effects and background music;
. Interesting graffiti: graffiti modified lovely interesting results;
. Graffiti brushes: brush features a powerful, unique Airbrush, fish eyes, highlighter pen, such as special effects and enjoy different graffiti fun!
. Powerful batch processing: batch compress conversion, batch add frame, Batch add text, Batch add watermark, batch rename;
. Slide animation, photos, layout, character sketch, Flash Player, IE black magic map. . .
3, Online Image Entertainment:
. Personalized gifts: personalized online custom mug, T-shirt, pillow, desk calendar, watches;
. Web search map: thumbnails search model, free to share;
. Browse online album: iSee also can easily see 163, Baidu, etc. photo album;
. ISee the most easy-to-use online photo album, and best friend share; Shop customers the best tool to help you easily complete the release of products, processing, updating and management;
. The most simple online image synthesis, a large number of online tools let you easily personalize photos DIY;
. Online to download and automatically install QQ expression;
4, a powerful digital photo-assisted support, I am the master of my photos:
. Photo printing: support for a variety of custom photo printing specifications, easily set up leaflets or more print print;
. Export processing: any cut or blank, do not rigidly adhere to a fixed center / left / right model, good photos can be customized processing output does not need to do to deal with processing shops;
. Simple way to view the EXIF information, automatically saved after editing EXIF information;
. Import images: from mobile hard disk automatically to find pictures, into the designated storage location;
. Photo Scanning: a simple image scanning function, auto-level position with the rotating operation, scan photos easily;
5, enhancement tools:
. E-mail: Send the image size before conversion, but also easy to send and receive mail;
. Effects slides: up to 54 kinds of special effects and more human characteristics of breakpoint continued sowing;
. Built-in screen: a powerful screen saver slide show effects, screen savers more personalized experience;
. Screen capture: copy screen / active window / designated target, and even regions is arbitrary;
. Icon extraction: the process for others to become your own icon resource library;
6, more availability of support: unlimited undo / redo, covering to prevent loss of the intimate picture suggests that the skin is simple and convenient to fully meet the individual requirements;
8, the upgrade process built-in intelligence;
Sum up, very good very good! ! !

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