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You Too Can Become A Photographer

The ease and excellent quality of digital cameras can tempt you to become a professional photographer even if you have never taken a picture so far. What’s more, you might even want to print your pictures and even frame them yourself.

If you are keen to learn the basics of photography, you can do so online. There are learning articles and resources for beginners that make photography easy for anyone to learn.

t is quite easy to touch the optics of a camera and leave fingerprints. The result is that your pictures do not turn out clear in certain areas. Or, the autofocus sensors (if your camera has them) can be fooled by the smudge you leave on them, and deliver blurred pictures. Regularly clean your optics with an appropriate cloth and solution (both obtained at any respectable camera store). Do not use tissue paper, your finger, spit or household cleaning solutions.

Once you move past the beginner stage you can learn even more techniques online on the same websites. Specific techniques for advanced learners will help you move beyond the beginning stage and learn even cooler ways to take photographs.  Many of the photography magazinews available on the high street have their own web-sites with info and tutorial sections free of charge.

A great technique that helps photographers create eye-catching pictures is the rule of thirds. This is a composition technique, create a pleasing balance between the different obects in a photograph. In order to use the rule, divide your screen into six different parts: three horizontal sections, and three vertical. The focal points, where the eye is attracted when it first looks at a picture, are where the lines intersect. Placing the subjects of your pictures at or near the focal points can help create a balanced and attractive picture.

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