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Make your photos be greeting cards and calendars

As a photography enthusiast, and every year is the year when the works should be put out to dry in the sun. Then, as the blueprint is also a dazzling variety of ways, and constantly renovated. No previous time when the printer may be only a selection of some on the blog, rather even Naqu digital printing shops have no personality at all. But now, those with high-precision photo printer will no doubt his own at home, huh print out their homework, if the "luxury" something, then it with the stage-end multifunction bar. Because to put their favorite photos made into video calendar, or greeting cards, will definitely give you quite a sense of accomplishment, at least be able to meet the little one.

In the past, a photo inkjet printer output, compared with the print still, some gaps, but with the advent of professional inkjet photo printer, and we at home can create such beautiful works of the same print. For example: Canon Teng PIXMAiP4760 color printer can not only the standard output Borderless photos, A4 format of the decorative painting can achieve the same effect of a very high fine. Now digital SLR cameras at every turn to be more than 10 million pixels, as long as looks clear, rich in color again, then, can the ultra-high print resolution through iP4760 be faithfully demonstrated in the paper. If you go through some design, tailoring, then finally installed in the calendar on the skeleton, it must be a distributed pains to depict the delicate incense calendar. If you are interested, you can also be scattered on the table with the old calendar comparison. I would like to, in addition to the paper brought a different perception of texture are different things, you do not see how the gap, and even the printed results will be even more outstanding Perhaps it is also gratifying.

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