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Use photoshop to modify photo background

Modify photos using Photoshop software skills background:

1. In photoshop open the context of the photos need to be replaced;

2. In the photoshop tool bar select "Filter" tools under the "extract" command;

3. Click on the "out" tool in the upper left corner of "the edge of the high-light tool", and then use the mouse pointer in the circle (around) to replace the background of photos (ie portraits).

4. And then click on "extract" tool upper left corner of the "fill tool", and then circle the picture (portrait) above, any click, photographs (of the portrait only) color, click on the upper right corner of the "good", like picture will be out complete.

5. In the photoshop tool bar, choose "File", click on the "new", it will create a new "layer", (just out to make a distinction between the layers of photos, we can be named as the "background" layer word name), click on there corner of the "good", built layer.

6. The next step for the editor background color. In the photoshop tool bar select "Edit" tool under the "filling" and then "use" inside select "color" and then click on the "good", you can "color" (that is, select the default background color), click on the "good", adding the success of the background color.

7. The next is to copy the layer. Opened just before taking the photo (portrait), select the photoshop toolbar under "Copy Layer", named after the "document" to choose to do a good job in the "background layer" (the word just the name of the layer background) , click on the "good", then copy the success of layers. Note: If you need to copy the layer to adjust the size or the need to drag the shift, you can select the toolbar in photoshop "Edit" tool under the "free transform" tool to adjust the size or position adjustment. ,

8. The final step is to edit the size of the photo (can be saved as JPG format, in the ACDSee software tailoring, more simple).


I have the background of photos to do big changes, with PS to correct them, the wall that can be used, how to amend into a unified wall?

Using Photoshop software,
1, will be that small piece of the wall with the polygon selection tool to select a region,
2, will emerge in the region, a value of between 5-8, and then press ctrl key + J to copy to a new layer
3, thus more than the same wall, and use mobile tools mobile him to one side of the original wall, so that it both looks and the Association will be able to, and
4, the same reason and then copy the new layer by ctrl key + J to copy multiple layers, with the move tool hold down the ALT key and then copy, copy at National Cheng Kung University-wide wall, these layers can be used for mobile tools for the wall the location of the adjustment, and then layer.
5, the same token a step-by-step production of a wide range of wall.
This approach will enable you to make the walls look even more perfect and Concord!

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