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Make the picture transparency

How do I get rid of the background in my picture?". there are a number of approaches you can take.  This broad overview links you to several articles with information relating to removing backgrounds and maintaining transparency in graphics software.

Vector vs. Bitmap Images
When vector images are layered there are no background issues to worry about, but when a vector image is imported into a bitmap-based paint program or converted to a bitmap format the image is rasterized--destroying its vector qualities.

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    Transparency and Image Formats

    The most common web graphics formats, GIF and JPEG, are bitmapped graphics. This means they will always have a background. GIF89a images have the ability to designate a single color in the image as transparent.

    PNG images also support transparency, but unlike GIF, PNG allows you to define more than a single color as transparent. Another advantage of PNG is that it supports millions of colors, whereas GIF is limited to only 256 colors.

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    In general, you should only use GIF or PNG for transparent images you plan to use on the screen. For printed output, you should learn some of the other methods for creating transparency.

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