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The Web in Numbers: Twitter Back on Track, Wolfram Alpha Plummets

In the past two months have been very interesting, on a new start-up companies, works and services to go. We can see that switching from the field of Microsoft's search engine, ice, and tungsten Alpha to meet the needs of enthusiasts around the planet; on the other hand, Twitter's tremendous growth has slowed down, quite in June. Competition, can now be displayed in June traffic results; I have been waiting anxiously for this, because now we can finally draw some of these new online services, how the effectiveness of a picture.

It sounds bleak, is not it? In particular the section shows that more than half of the users do not tweet in Twitter. However, one must take into account the fact that you can not chirp Twitter user, you can only in accordance with other users. Therefore, Hubspot labels Twitter account is really valid, if it satisfies all three conditions: it takes less than 10 followers, only less than 10 friends, only less than 10 updates.

One of our favorite, tungsten Alpha has done so well. I still think this is a great product, I still think it's worth all the attention to it. But it is clearly a ratio, say, Google search, the audience is rather narrow, vehicle tool - you can see the following diagram - reflected.

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