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Auto Photo Editor 4.16

Automatic Photo Editor is a full-featured a batch photo editor picture editor. Users can easily converted into a variety of pictures / click on the button when the image file. You can batch resize, rotate, stamp text and images on the conversion into other formats. Can easily create batch files to automate routine photo processing / conversion tasks. You can set your computer to run the batch file a timetable to leave the routine image processing tasks of automatic photo editor. Photo Editor automatically handle the release of a single drag and drop your photos from the hundreds or even thousands of these repetitive tasks. You can save in all popular Internet formats, images, includetif, gif, jpg, and pcx, BMP, and the private sector, Majko, the current, Papua New Guinea, wmf, and electromagnetic fields, thermal gravimetric analysis, pxm, wbmp, JP2, and j2k, Chrysler, press release and more than 100 graphic file formats!

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