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Edit Almost Anything in a DataGrid

Windows Forms DataGrid columns to support two types:

* Edit DataGridTextBoxColumn chord and
* DataGridBoolColumn edit Boolean.

Back-end is a Windows Forms application, you are running on the server to scan your photo files, establishment of databases. There are two basic functions: reset (delete) all the contents of the database, and then scan and build all the entries. This article will not discuss how to build a spreadsheet application, or hooking menu items and so on, because this is covered in depth elsewhere.

Of course, Windows Forms Library developers realized that this is not enough, so they provide a base class (DataGridColumnStyle middle), can be used to achieve an additional column types. This article discusses the new DataGrid column types to enhance a variety of data types to allow editing. The source of these enhancements have been released into the public domain as part of the pool SekosPD.Windows.Forms.

To keep the sample simple, the data is to persist in writing to an XmlDocument to disk data sets. In a real application, the data set changes have of course insist on a data layer - may be a database, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

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