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Advaned photo edting from HP

Since you have taken all of these masterpieces, then they are now modified. A "modification" does not mean that we remove the red-eye or repairing scratches. Photo editing program allows you to create a gorgeous use of light effects, and even more photos into one perfect image, resulting in a masterpiece of great creativity, so that your digital photos up to art.

Before the start of the preparatory work

First of all, you need some kind of photo imaging software. Most of the software priced at 60-600 U.S. dollars, and with Adobe PhotoShop (Hewlett-Packard in the majority of projects in its use of the procedure) PhotoDeluxe, PhotoImpact and PaintShop. To achieve the best results, you need to ensure that you have cut and save the photos to 300dpi. We must always save the file and the original photos stored on the hard drive in order to prevent an error or want to return to the original photos.

To learn more about photo editing and more detailed information, see Part 4 of the digital camera "learning photo editing technology."

Will be color photos into black and white photographs

Black and white photography is usually rich in emotion and deep meaning, which is a color photo can not be achieved. By using photo-imaging software, you can easily convert color photos to black-and-white images sharp.

Want to increase your photo the appearance of an old-fashioned it? Converted into black and white photographs of the process can also include a distinctive yellowish-brown or two-tone effect, which looks like black and white photos, but with the color of the "washing" effect - from the old photo with the yellow hue of natural to the distinctive blue, green or red.

The majority of photo imaging software to easily convert color information will be white, gray and black shadow, just like the first time you made into a film when the black and white photographs. This effect to create the most simple way is to convert photos into black and white photographs (in PhotoShop, this is very simple, just the "model" into a gray-scale), and then in accordance with the guidance of the software to achieve the "double tone"

The use of Picasa

People without the use of dirty oil paints and watercolors will be able to show your art talent. Imaging procedure with a number of software art "filter" can be your photos are ready to convert the manual as "canvas." How they are achieved? Each filter in different ways and changing the pixel movement in order to give the use of a variety of art media illusion - making photos with the velvet side of watercolor, oil paintings, or traces of a pencil sketch of the outline.

Have the best of these technologies is very easy, just trial and error. Careful observation of your software provides a variety of effects, and large-scale use. Most results can be found in the "effects (results)" or "artistic effects (artistic effect)" under the toolbar to find. Such as Adobe PhotoShop program enables you to control the size of brushes to get different results - from wide to very little broad-brush details.

Of course, it is best not to mix a variety of different styles, which will be the result of a mess. Should be like any good artist, as a wise use of a vivid effect. Do not forget to keep your job!

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Advaned photo edting from HP

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