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Using some photo editing feature you rarely use in ACDSee

ACDSee is an excellent photo editing & management software. ACDSee but now has changed from the original pictures simple software upgrade to become a multi-file manager, in addition to the functions of the plug-in, it there are many little-known features, such as ACDSee for document management:

Produced a list of documents

Open ACDSee, produced a list of documents to select the folder, and then select the menu "View \ Sort" select a image file, in accordance with the Extension (the extension), Name (name), Size (size), Type (file type), Date (date ), etc. They may be arranged, and finally select "Tools" menu under the "Generate files listing" (create a file list) command, that is, have selected the folder list of the documents, we can print or save.

Find a copy of a document

After a period of computer use, will inevitably lead to many in the hard disk the same file, resulting in a waste of hard disk space, then we can use ACDSee in the Find Duplicates (Find Duplicate files) to find clean-up functions. First of all, choose "Tools \ Activities ()", open the "Activity Wizard" panel, select "Find Duplicates", click "OK" to open "Duplicate Finder" set up window, click on "Add Folder" (Add Folder) or "Add Files "(Add File) (Figure 1), choose to search a folder or file, click" Next "and set the file name to find the same documents or content of the document the same document (only for the picture file Find the select "Find images only), final click" Next "determined, ACDSee will start on the selected target search, the results appear in the search results panel. At the same time, there is the right preview window for you do not need to delete duplicate files.

Add File Information

ACDSee provides a simple file management function, it can be used to copy image files, move and rename, etc., when used simply select "Edit" menu command or click on the toolbar button to open the corresponding order of the dialogue box, can operate in accordance with the dialog box. There is also a small skills, floppy disk or CD-ROM copies of the content, if prompted Explorer can not read the source file, you can try to use ACDSee to copy, the success rate is quite high. You can also add a simple description of the specific method is: first in the file list window, select the document you want to add, and then click "Edit" menu in the "Describe" (Description) command, then open the "Edit Description "(edit description) dialog box, in the Description box, enter the file and click" OK "button, the next stop in the mouse does not move when the document, ACDSee will display the note.

Change the photo file date

Use ACDSee to change in Windows documents. Specific method is: First of all, the system date to the appropriate value, and then want to change the date to select the file, click "Tools → Change timestamps" (change the time markers), in the dialog box, select "Current date & & time" (the current system time), and point of "OK" button (ACDSee is only in the default display graphics files, change the folder if the other documents, and only need to set the appropriate option to show all files).

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Using some photo editing feature you rarely use in ACDSee

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