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C# Photo Album Viewer

This example is a C # Windows application that uses a SQL Server 2000 database to store and retrieve images. Photo albums, organized in the TreeView, and a PictureBox displays when selected. A static control is used to display album or image description. In the tree context menu allows users to add, rename, and delete images or albums. Instructions can also choose to edit the context menu items.

If you want to sit down and pixel editing and production of advanced changes in Photoscape is a good choice. It is equipped with features, it is very easy to learn. Photoscape different editing chores, including browsers, editors, batch processors, converters, design printing tools, screen capture, with photographs, and even face search function several modules. This is a great picture for children 8 years of age and editing software.

Add a picture in the selection context menu items and more choices FileOpenDialog allows images to be supplemented by choice. For each file 1 System.IO.FileStream is created and used to read into the byte array. Byte array, and then passed to the method, and using a stored procedure input parameters, it is added to a database table field's image.

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