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WMark 3D 1.0

Add 3D watermarks to all your images with a single press of a button!


* Customisable watermark image
* Customisable 3D effects: elevation and shape of the slope curves.
* Setting the contrast and other ligthing conditions of the watermark, like amount of shine, direction and height of lighting.
* Customisable placement of watermark images. The user can define the gap from borders of the images or between the watermarks. Supports patterned placement.
* Batch processing: apply the same effect to all images in a directory.
* Saving the settings for later reuse.

Professional photographers prefer applying watermarks over their images in order to claim copyrights over them, and also do away with image theft. Although several watermarking tools are available over the web, you can try out an all new way of applying image watermark with WMark 3D 1.0. The most impressive part of the program’s functioning is that it aids you in applying 3D watermarks to your entire images, with ease. While adding 3D watermark, the utility even allows you to customize the effects, position, and lighting, along with selecting the process to be performed in single or batch mode. Not just this, you can even store and use the defined configurations for further watermarking tasks.

WMark 3D consists of Watermark, Placement, lighting, Go!, and Misc tabs over the left pane which aid you in carrying out the process. You can commence the task with ‘Go!’ tab, which helps you select Single file mode or batch file mode, as required. For example, if you go for batch mode process, then next step is to choose an input directory to load the images, along with selecting an output directory for output storage. To get the proper view of your image, you can adjust Zoom level, and move onto the Watermark tab. Here you’ve to load the watermark image, preferably a PNG; adjust the levels of Elevation and Slop Width; and also select the Slope Curve. Next in the tab series is Placement that assists you in placing the watermark either in horizontal or vertical gaps, or in pattern mode. Moving further, you get ‘Lighting’ tab where you can alter the 3D appearance of your watermark image by adjusting levels of Direction of sun light, Sun height, Contrast, Shine, and Material effects. Moreover, you can Save and Load settings for further usage, and then finally you can define file name postfix, and hit ‘Start’ to begin the watermarking task.

Using the WMark 3D 1.0 is a cake walk, as you’re provided with uncomplicated features to perform the entire image watermarking process. For its exclusive features, prompt performance, and magnificent results, the utility has deservingly been assigned with 4 rating points.

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