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JPEG ReSizer 2.1, Photo effects 1.87

JPEG ReSizer 2.1

"Give your JPEG images a new dimensions and save the results into the Destination"
BrothersoftEditor: This program was written to give your JPEG images a new dimensions and save the results into the Destination folder. The Source folder may contain any subfolders, so you will get the mirror folder tree with the program results in the Destination. You can easy create thumbnails of your images and reduce the file sizes by JPEG Compression value. You can run the resize process in background and prepare a lot of images at once during your main work.

Photon 1.1.5

"Photon is a photo browser streamlined for making selects from a batch of photos."
BSEditor: Photon is a photo browser streamlined for making selects from a large Batch of photos. Unlike other applications that make you wait while importing your images or use low quality previews, Photon renders your photos instantly, with full resolution rendering of RAW data.

Full quality previews
Some applications take shortcuts to get good performance by only processing the embedded JPEG preview found in most RAW formats. This robs you of full resolution and color-correct previews of your images. Photon will always fully process your RAW data so you can be sure you're seeing every pixel of your image.
Smart switching
Other applications require manually switching Between special “modes” to toggle rendering of RAW data and JPEG previews. Photon's intelligent caching engine automatically switches between rendering full RAW data and loading JPEG previews.
Instant images
No need to wait for your images to import before you can start working. Pop in a memory card or load files from your hard drive, and Photon starts rendering your images instantly.
Speed up your workflow

Photo Styler 1.1

"PhotoStyler is a small application for quick and ease photos processing."
PhotoStyler is a small application for quick and ease photos processing. It has clean user interface and count of usefull filters with simple parameters. PhotoStyler is native Mac OS X application based on moder technologies like Cocoa and Core Image, it doesn’t require special hardware or third-party software andit is really easy to use PhotoStyler.

Why PhotoStyler?
There are several reasons why PhotoStyler is better than other solutions:
PhotoStyler is made for regular users, not a professionals. It contains pre-build effects like “Scratches”, “Photo Frame” or “Color of 30th”, you can apply them and get final result instantly without learning complex tools like Photoshop.
PhotoStyler is real-Time Tool, you can setup any effect and you will see result immediately in the document window.
PhotoStyler is based on CoreImage technology and supports hardware acceleration.
PhotoStyler stores your settings as projects. You may create projects with templates for polaroid-like photos, old scratches photos, monochrome paperprints and and then use them when you need with any photo. Project is a file, so it is easy to backup it or send it to friend.


Photo Effects 1.87

Photo Effects makes it possible to not only process, but also decorate photos. It offers you more than 100 frames and masks that will decorate portraits, landscapes and even simple casual shots. It is important that you can apply effects both before and after you decorate a photo. Combining effects and frames is one of the main features of the program. For example, you can apply a classic Frame and then use lighting effects to add realistic sunlight to its Contour. Try to use this feature more often and you will see how pretty the images Photo Effects creates are.
Photo Effects has an intuitive interface and it is easy to learn how to use the program. You will be able to easily process and decorate photos, combine effects and do much more in just a couple of minutes. You can see three main features of the program on its three tabs:

* Effects. There are five categories of filters here: color effects, lighting effect, traditional, artistic and distortion filters.
* Decoration. If you open this tab, you will find five types of frames, including classic frames, relief frames, masks, etc.

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