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A good photo editing software - Fxfoto

FxFoto imports, adjusts, crops, prints and manages digital photographs and images.

It also gives you many advanced capabilities in one easy package. FxFoto edits photos with a variety of correction tools including a clone brush and advanced filter effects. FxFoto creates collages or scrapbook pages of photographs and other images laid out as you wish. Move and resize photographs and other images anywhere on the collage, which can be as large as you like. You can even rotate images to any angle. FxFoto provides easy ways to add text to your photographs with sophisticated effects.

You can create beautiful collage layouts for scrapbooking and other purposes. You can also create animated presentations that anyone can see with the free FxFoto Viewer via e-mail, CD’s or web sites. You can create both photographic tours that animate the viewer from image to image, and slide shows with great transition effects. A variety of available collage types include scrolling 3D perspectives, similar to the Star Wars® introduction, and albums where the viewer sees small thumbnail images and can click to zoom down for more detail. And FxFoto really does zoom. Triscape software animates the viewing window so that you move fluidly over a landscape of photographs and other images, both horizontally and vertically. FxFoto makes it easy to view your images from any position and any degree of detail.

You can add hyperlinks to photographs or even to web pages and also add popup text which the viewer sees when the mouse hovers over an image. FxFoto allows you to annotate and draw over and around your images. It even supports automatic dialog balloon text over your photos.

Plus FxFoto gives you great ways to manage your photographs. It organizes all of your photographs into easy to browse folders always visible on the left side of the window. A convenient timeline gives instant access to photos created near a given date. FxFoto automatically imports photographs from digital cameras and can search for photos by date, folder name or keyword. And it does more than just photographs, including support for JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and Triscape VIB images as well as the ability to read and use animated GIF graphics and the ability to read WMF metafile images and clipart. It also supports HTML and can import HTML-formatted text and graphics from word processors and other applications.

FxFoto Features
Import Photos from your Digital Camera
Manage All Photos with a Single Scrollable Thumbnail View
Timeline Shows All Folders - Click for Photos by Date
Touchup, Frame, Annotate and Link Digital Photographs
Create Amazing Animated Photo Tours and Slide Shows
Easily Create Beautiful Scrapbooking Layouts and Collages
Photo Management: Features include: Automatic import from digital cameras; Organize photos into scrollable folders chronologically or alphabetically; Click on folder photos to add into collage or slide show; Drag photos to other folders or onto a collage or slide show; Timeline shows filders by date; Click Timeline to jump to closest folder; Search for folders or photos by name, date or keywords; Image preview selector and folder thumbnails make it easy to find photos; Image preview selector and folder thumbnails make it easy to find photos; Easy navigation controls allow you to fly over photos and collages and zoom to any magnification; Archive photos to CD-ROM to save disk space; Supports DCF, WIA, TWAIN and EXIF standards for digital cameras.

Photo Touchup: Blemish remover; Red-Eye correction; Clone Brush; Undo Brush; Color Balance correction (automatic or manual); Gamma correction; Spot gamma correction with feathering; Contrast correction; Brightness correction; HLS adjustment; Flood photo region with color or transparency; De-resolve photos; Sharpen and soften filters; Lighten, Darken, Black & White, Monochrome, Sepia, Faded, Faded Edge, Burnt Edge, Colored Edge, various Painting Effects, Tilt and Spherical distortions, Pixelize, Posterize, Solarize, Duotone and more. Add realistic drop shadows to any image.

Collages and Layouts: Create collages and scrapbook layouts free form or with drag-and-drop templates; Crop images; Cutout images; Feather images; Text with anti-alias, shadow, cutout, outline and other effects; Text titles, captions, overlays and dialog balloons for your photos; Supports Unicode text fonts for languages other than English. Realistic framing effects including 3D, Matt, Oval and an library of custom stretched Frame Images; Rotate photos and text to any angle; Link photos to each other or to web browser pages; Create collages with text and photos pasted anywhere; Automatically join photos into stitched panoramas; Layout collages for fixed-size printing using guides and grid dots in inches or centimeters; Or allow collages to grow or shrink to fill the printed page; Automatically add drop shadows to photos and clipart; Supports transparent and partially transparent photos and clipart. Select multiple images into glue groups to move, resize and rotate together; Draw over and around photos with various pens and effects including Gyro Draw(tm) smoothing. Use drag & drop Quick Sketch Templates from many designers. Create Grid Templates for showing lots of photos on the same page in with unlimited variations.

Slide Shows: Create slide shows with annotated photos or collage layouts for each slide; Fade in and out, move in and out, bounce in, zoom in or pan camera, and various wipe transitions between slides; Create 3D animated scrolls similar to Star Wars® introductions; Automatically create high-quality push buttons and mouse over effects; Add background music or narration to shows.

Media Edition: Create VCD/SVCD/DVD, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, AVI and WMV compatible movie files from slides shows or photo tours; Create Flash or FxFoto Viewer slide shows or photo tours for viewing over the web; Create Flash MHT packages for emailing slide shows; Create PDF files from photos, layouts or slides shows.

Photo Publishing: E-Mail and save JPEG photos or entire collages of photos and effects; Print individual photos or multi-photo views; Save collage and slide show presentations to recordable CD-ROM; Upload photos or multi-photo views for online prints or sharing; Print photos and collage layouts as large as your Windows printer can handle.

Miscellaneous: Favorites allow you to categorize and save your photographs and collages. Add HTML-formatted pages and input forms; Import formatted text from other application via HTML copy and paste; Handles JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and VIB images and also reads GIF and animated GIF images; Special compression for faster access over the Internet.

Easy to Use: Simple wizards and dialogs; Unlimited Undo and Redo.

Requires: Windows 98 or better and a Pentium PC or the equivalent with at least 256MB memory and a 800x600 display; Supports MMX for faster display and so at least a Pentium II or equivalent with 512MB of memory is recommended.

The FxFoto Viewer is included with FxFoto. But it is also free to download and use, so your friends and acquaintances can easily get the full impact of your photo presentations. The free Viewer is only a small download at that typically requires less than three minutes even on slow modem connections.

Quick Layouts
Quick Layouts has all scrapbooking layout features found in the FxFoto Creative Edition. Quick Layouts provides project-oriented scrapbooking kits in the left pane. The kits installed for one Quick Layouts project are available from other Quick Layouts projects and also in FxFoto Creative Edition if purchased separately. Quick Layouts does not include photo organization and editing or effects and cannot create slide shows. Quick Layouts does not Import photos from cameras and does not organize your photos in left pane folders Quick Layouts also omits all Correct toolbar photo editing tabs and the Slide toolbar. However, Quick Layouts does include the Draw toolbar and the Clear Pen tool there allows you to erase hidden portions of paper clips and other embellishments without the Color Brush transparency tool.

The Standard Edition
The FxFoto Standard Edition cannot save collage documents files. Thus it cannot create or publish collage and slide show presentations. However, it can save static image files in JPEG and other standard formats that can be re-opened with FxFoto and most other imaging software. Text and other annotations can be saved as part of the image, but are not editable when the image file is re-opened.

Also, the Standard Edition cannot use the Collage Add Mode to place more than one photo on the same slide and so cannot create multi-photo collages for saving, printing or sending. But you can create trial multi-photo collages temporarily on the screen. Using multi-photo New Collage Themes is also trial-only. The Standard Edition cannot Burn CD-ROM collage and slide show presentations and cannot transfer them to Movies. Nor can it create s Web Slide Show presentations. Also, Photo Stitching is not available. Most Filter Effects (except White Balance and Sharpen with Unsharp Mask) are for trial only in the Standard Edition and the results cannot be saved, copied or printed. Cropping with special Pattern shapes and Drawing with Stamp images are also trial-only. The Undo, Color and Stamp brushes are also trial-only, as are Batch Operations. Finally the Open Multiple Images command for adding many photos to a collage is disabled.

All other FxFoto features are enabled in the Standard Edition, including importing, organizing, fixing, annotating, e-mailing and printing your digital photographs. Plus the Standard Edition has trial versions of most of the advanced commands which allow you to see the results on screen without saving or printing.

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