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Aoao Photo Editor V3.1 ?? powerful and comprehensive photo editing software free green

Aoao Watermark Software is a professional photo watermark software for pictures protection,the watermark software can add digital watermark(text, image, logo...) to your pictures, protect your photo safety, avoid them from unauthorized use. Because, if you share or sell you pictures on network, you never know what will happen, the best way is install a watermark software, Aoao Watermark Software is a best photo watermark software on the world. Aoao Watermark Software supports batch mode, For example, you want to add your sign to fou hundred of pictures, Aoao watermark software can finish it for you in moment.
Main Functions:
1) Add image or text to photos to protect copyright, you can create a watermark template for next use.
2) Add picture frame to photos,mark your photos more beautiful and special.
3) Resize and crop images in batch mode.
4) Convert images format,support all popular format.

Creat watermark to your pictures for Protect copyrights.
Add text watermark and image watermarks to your photos and digital images,help you protect your images copyright.

Adding frame to picture to make it more beautiful and special.
If you like the oil painting style , you can select a yearning frame to your pictures; if you like the modern style, you can select a fashionable frame to your pictures. There are so many kinds of picture frames that you can choose.

Powerful images batch processing and 200% processing speed.
You want to add your sign to three hundred of pictures of the form as 800 x 600 Pixels,Aoao Watermark software can finish it for you in 10 seconds.

Rename using custom template; Crop imagesfor your need; convert picture formats; Batch photo resize.
Rename:You can define a name and template for the pictures which need to be renamed,
such as ###.**, you can also set its degrees increasing level and the conversion between letter
and digital. It can help you naming picture using prefixes, suffixes, date time, and serial number etc.
Crop Images: If you just need a part of your picture, you can use the function of Crop to achieve.
Photo Resize: If the size of the picture isn't suitable, you can use the function - "Photo Resize" of
Resize to adjust, and when you increase picture size, it can also keep good effect.
Convert: Aoao watermark software support most popular image formats, such as BMP JPEG GIF PNG TIF TGA PSD etc.

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Aoao Photo Editor V3.1 ?? powerful and comprehensive photo editing software free green

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