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Aesthetic Falling flash map in Photo

Today, to share is to give the pro-own use Mito Xiu Xiu (high-speed download site) produced a special picture, with the sparkling soul of the tree seeds to form an aesthetic falling flash map, the only miss up Affan true love.

In fact, do have such a super-dynamic picture is very simple

The first step: The Mito Xiu Xiu software to open a photo. In order to better achieve the Afan up to the feeling, I specifically chose a cottage Affan up beauty pictures, Oh, they can choose

Step two: Click "Flash Map" menu under "falling flash map" category, you can see on the right there are many beautiful templates ??. A reminder that the soul of the tree seeds, flash map template is a second template Oh.
Step Three: I tried it and found that if an image is vertical, it must choose the right side of vertical composition is the template, horizontal picture on the use of horizontal flash map template, or image will be deformed oh. Here selected flash map template, you can also adjust speed, change image size, more suitable for the pro-QQ were made to friends to share or upload it to the Forum, SNS community.

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Aesthetic Falling flash map in Photo