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ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0.113

View photos instantly
Never wait for an image to open again - ACDSee 2009 is the fastest viewing software around. Fill your screen with photos, zoom through your thumbnails, and view photos at full size.

Organize everything
Stay on top of your entire collection. Drag and drop photos into Windows® file folders, add keywords and ratings, edit your metadata, and create your own categories. Assign images to as many categories as you like without taking up more space on your computer.
NEW! Define categories, keywords and create backups and more as you pull images in from your camera or other storage device. When importing is complete, your files are already organized and ready for you to browse and share.

Find your favorites
With ACDSee, you'll never lose track of a single shot again, even if you have thousands of photos in your collection. Enter keywords like “New Jersey” or “wedding party”, search only specific folders, and find that one special image with the Quick Search bar. Use the handy Calendar or Events view to see photos from a special occasion.
NEW! Store your frequently used searches so you can use them again and again.

Picture-perfect memories
Show off photos in their best light. Instantly adjust exposure, fix common problems like red eye and blemishes, and erase distracting objects. Rescue photos that are too light or dark with a single click, thanks to ACDSee’s patent-pending Shadow/Highlights tool.
NEW! Let your creativity run wild. ACDSee always saves a copy of your originals so you can restore them at any time.
NEW! Add a finishing touch to your photo with a custom border, drop shadow or edge effect.

Share your shots
E-mail photos without worrying about file sizes. Create CDs, DVDs, prints and more. Upload to photo sharing sites without having to leave ACDSee. NEW! Play the enhanced slide show of your photos, complete with music, pan and zoom, and color effects. It's easy to share your best shots with the world.

Professional photographers usually have their PCs filled with a vast collection of images collection, which they often find troublesome to manage due to new images adding to it every now and then. Although, loads of image organizing utilities are available over the web, but often turns out to be difficult to find an easily operable and competent organizer tool. Nonetheless, of several effective applications, you can try out the new ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0.113 to get effectual results. It’s a great utility for viewing, organizing, searching, and sharing images, and also lets you apply different effects to improve your images’ appearance. It automatically manages the images and even lets you categorize your images as Kid’s Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, etc. Even you can add keywords, ratings, metadata; create backups; and share images through printing, or burning them to CD/DVD.

With several impressive features, the ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0.113 proves beneficial for image organizing task. While organizing images you can select the directories using the Folders explorer placed over left pane. The images contained by selected folder are displayed within mid section of program screen. When you place a mouse over the image thumbnail, a popup dialog box appears displaying the image-view. The Organize pane, placed over right, comprises of Categories, Ratings, Auto Categories, Saved Searches, and Special Items tabs. You can generate different categories for assigning with different images making the images easily explored. Even, you can rate your images according to your preferences, and also use ‘Auto Categories’ for searching images according to aperture, author, file size, image type, shutter speed, photo properties, camera model, etc. In addition, the program lets you Edit Images; resize, images, adjust exposure, and convert file format in batch mode; rotate; Add to Image Basket; Email Images, and Upload them with ease. The images can effortlessly be searched, imported, printed, and previewed. With several other supportive options, the utility allows you to perform different other functions.

ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 aids you in managing and organizing your huge image collection effectively. Owing to its tremendous feature-set and commendable performance, the application is worthily being assigned with 4.5 rating points.

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