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6 good photos online editing Web sites

Vis-à-vis the use of Photoshop and other local professional image-editing software to deal with photos, online storage and simple editing faster and more convenient, but also to facilitate the installation of a temporary in the absence of professional image editing software to use the computer. Here are the six relatively excellent online photo editing sites, have their own characteristics.

1.XMG Image (registration required)

XMG Image offers online editing services, but also features both photo storage (200MB user free space), to provide packaged flickr upload and import. Which editing features including cropping, rotating and other basic options, but also many picture enhancing tools and picture effects, such as our common black and white photographs, charcoal drawings, such as the effect of gelatinization. the entire site using Ajax technology design, operation of a very simple and intuitive. Recommended!!


2.Phixr (registration required)

Phixr is a great online photos of the senior editor, and other websites, it is more like Photoshop. It has many cool filters and effects, but also very easy to use. In addition, you can from Flickr, Fotopic, Photobucket , Picasa, Smugmug, etc. and Web site directly into Webshot picture, of course, but also directly into the local picture and picture URL. After the completion of editing, images can be saved as JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, or OCR format and sent to the mail or posted to all the above-mentioned image storage sites, and Buzznet, Costco, DropShots, Fotolog, ImageShack, or LiveJournal and other sites.



Pixenates is a common application for the picture editor, support for upload pictures and images into the network. It has a zoom, cut, change the size of warming to the red-eye functions. When you are done editing can be uploaded to Flickr, or save to the local. The senior editor has no editing features, but very easy to use, suitable for conventional editor. However, as shown in the following picture, the entire web page design a bit confusing, but also to introduce advertising and editorial text and too close to the region away from the experience and not very good, is not recommended.


Pixer the basis of almost all the editing features: change the size, turnover, cutting, brightness contrast, saturation and so on. It also has the effect of a number of colors (brown, gray, etc.) and special effects. After testing, special effects is temporarily unavailable, unexplained. The website interface is very simple, picture editing settings are also very reasonable, and the response was quite fast.


5.Cellsea (registration required)

The same basis to cover all the editing options, other defects can be repaired, the photo into a painting, try for distortion, as well as some professional effect gelatinization. You can from the computer, image URL, the page or pages into Google Image Search to Cellsea. Web UI is very friendly, there is a pretty intuitive interface. a variety of special effects is very good tool to use. and other than, Cellsea most of the user interface is simple and options are more abundant, the most convenient to operate. Recommended !!



This is a most interesting, the whole point of using the popular Flash architecture, site elements and special effects are very cute. Unfortunately, because really bloody Flash, open the editing interface is very slow. Editing options include graffiti board, with box, etc.. similar to the domestic "mess things up now." vis-à-vis the above photo-editing site, the focus on entertainment.


I personally prefer the XMG Image and Cellsea, if the play, of course, also quite good Graphita.

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