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Introduce 32 photo editing software -2

11 Name: Dead Pixel Test (CCD Dead and noise test) Chinese version
Size: 165K
This is a test and a digital camera CCD noise Dead small program that can be used to identify the quality of DC.
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12 Name: BlackFrame night noise killer
Size: 371K
This is a just more than 300 K, the software is very practical. UFIDA digital cameras have noise when shooting night disgusted, but at a loss, the software can be a powerful weapon for you. Digital camera noise, there are two, one kinds of random noise is caused by accidental factors, location is not fixed, the other is the CCD itself, and the location is fixed, the software used to eliminate the latter. In addition to the shooting works, covered with another lens take a sample of covered compensation, the two composite operator, the second will be able to eliminate noise.
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13 Name: Depth of Field Calculator
Size: 90.9K
In addition to calculating the depth of field, but also can calculate the super-focal length, angle, EV value, magnification, etc., is a convenient gadget.
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14 Name: PHOTOSHOP automatically generated image border
Size: 49.9K
Action to use:
The border. Atn installed: Program FilesAdobePhotoshop 7.0PresetsPhotoshop Actions directory to download into the action:
Open ps, activated action panel, click the arrow buttons at the top right of the triangle, in the pop-up menu, select loading action, action in the loading dialog box, select the action. Atn file directory, click OK, when the action on the will appear in the action panel.
White box, black, white shadow box using the method of action:
Open a picture, click the left triangle, open the action sequences, select a frame type, click the triangle button panel below the production can be carried out.
The context of the use of the shadow of borders:
Close all open image, select the background of the shadow of the border, click the triangle button panel below the implementation of action, then pop up a dialog box to open the file, then select the background you want to add pictures, click "OK." Subsequently, they pop up a dialog box to open the file, then select the frame you want to add pictures, click "OK." Later on, produced. Background image file can be chosen at random, so that you can add your picture of a wide range of backgrounds.
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15 Name: wrong DIR to restore deleted photos
Size: 573K
Delete the wrong image, do not worry can also be downloaded free of charge to restore ------ -----
Digital memory card mistake to delete, format. Do you have experience in such an embarrassing position it? The ronin is give you a place to download, not only 605KB. After the installation prompts to press. Support to restore the hard disk.
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16 Name: S-Spline V2.2 Chinese Version [without serrated tool images to enlarge]
Size: 1.08M
To enlarge an image without jagged tools, great! Due to the reasons for the software itself, the Han
Menu version of the text does not address, and still retain the original English version of the shortcut instructions, because if
Delete the shortcut instructions will result in other languages there is no shortcut instructions, to the detriment of software,
Therefore, I remain, and understanding please. The Chinese version is running under Win 2000/XP, vegetables
The text alone will be some problems. Zombieys special thanks to help crack the shell, otherwise there would be no
The Chinese version of the. Containing a registration key.
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17 Name: the restoration of digital imaging tool
Size: 2.37
Restore CF card, SM card, IBM small hard drive, Sony Memory Stick and SD storage media, such as image files accidentally deleted. Restore the image format JPG (including EXIF shooting parameters of the original), TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, Canon CRW, voice and video formats are AVI, MOV, WAV three. Do not need to install the software, unzip it to use later.
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18 Name: CleanSkinFX V1.0 Chinese Version
Size: 281K
The digital camera software can be optimized according to the photos. For example: it can be Master of facial photographs to do some processing, can be updated so that the face looks smooth and produces a feeling of dilute
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Size: 0.98M
PHOTORECOVERY you can restore has been deleted from digital camera files, and even has been formatted storage device, it is a simple operation in the Windows software, and compatible with the common storage device, including: Smart Media Card, Card Memory Sticks and Compact Flash cards, soft disk as well as other common digital image storage device ... ... and so on. PHOTORECOVERY the operation very easy, you only need to insert a memory card reader and your computer to perform procedures PHOTORECOVERY, just press "Start" button, hot cup of tea,waiting to help you do not PHOTORECOVERY accidentally deleted back to save the document, the original will always be worried about the loss of precious images, PHOTORECOVERY in the fingertips to help you restore the file.
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