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How to resize photo to 200K?


My photos are too large, are more than 1.5M, and want to upload them into less than 200K, how do ah?


Used to adjust the size of the ACDSee5.0 features! ! !

He also features batch conversion so the size!

The choice of the compression ratio (60%), the general will be less than 200k photos 1024x768

PHOTOSHOP do directly, and would like to shrink more than smaller firms are ... ... ... ...
  In addition to photoshop, acdsee, you may also want to consider using SuperCapture Standard, Office 2003 Picture Manager in the picture to deal with.

SuperCapture Standard has a screen capture function, you can catch any of you want to capture the constituency, to capture the picture can be kept down for JPG, BMP, GIF format, etc., of course, JPG and GIF file format small; even better deal out of photoshop picture smaller format, and digital cameras shoot pictures out of a considerable size; and very easy to use, can be said to be a fool software (which is the Chinese version).

Office 2003 Picture Manager in the function of the general, but a good use of time, but the impact of the operating system, Win2000 sp3 can not install the following operating system of the East.

How to take a look at it SuperCapture Standard, the version downloaded from the Internet is generally 4.01 version, 45-day trial period.

If you have photoshop software, opened the establishment of a new document, then open your photo, in the new document, create a new layer to your photo using mobile tools opened a new document took on a new layer. Press CTRL + E to merge map layers, and then CTRL + SHIRT + S Save as a new document, this time the software will be prompted to save the size of you, you save a document into a small can, and in general how much can???picture. Ha ha. Best version of ACD6.0 ah, point right to adjust the size of directly elected, you can cut any size picture to close when the optional compression ratio preservation, metadata is not lost. Too simple, and do not what what.

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How to resize photo to 200K?

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