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Zingfu ?C Fun Photo Templates for MySpace

Zingfu is a unique photo-sharing site, launched early in 2005 - but hundreds of people, they now added a quick release to the MySpace and blog. More importantly, they set to release a new version of the site tomorrow.

The idea is a good Zingfu: You can upload your own pictures and add it to a magazine cover, a wanted ads, posters, celebrity photos, and lots more. And the "Post as MySpace button", you can quickly publish your mixes photos MySpace, Friendster, Windows Live Spaces for, Xanga and "other places, 40-year-old man pretending to be 14-year-old girl."

Design of the site was really good. More importantly, the brand is a lot of fun - the terms and conditions by the "gel Buddha" to provide, for example. They also enable users to super-easy to grasp without registration, Payson Cha Mou-cheng, since the code is pure HTML, rather than a small part, they do not have any problems Sudden MySpace updates. You can see the MySpace pages of some Zingfu sample photos, there are nearly 4,000 friends (or even more MySpace marketing).

There are many can do the same in order to simplify imports from MySpace to your PhotoBucket account or on your image in the process of a few things. However, there are a lot of new things to reduce the line tomorrow, when Zingfu the latest version is coming soon. The new toys include "Bubblez", which is a increase in voice and thought bubbles to your pictures (yes, a MySpace-related products each must have a "z" of the right end, nose FavoriteThingz and Nooz).

Zingfu is a perfect combination of MySpace users - photos and a large number of the mainstream appeal of celebrity. The site can also be a great way to go, but for social networking is absolutely essential.

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