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Weebly??s New MySpace Profile Editor

Weebly, the tool can create their own Web site, launched editing tools, called SnapLayout, for your MySpace (MySpace's) page. Use this editor, you can immediately see how changes will affect your MySpace profile, as the actual template of your personal information.

Similar RealEditor, you can change the background color, choose the basic layout options, modify your personal data module, and even add a small tool, these pages are placed drag'n'drop ease. Some Twitter (Twitter's), YouTube's (YouTube), the text, images components. An embedded code option, you can add that there is no such provisions included in other parts of the gallery.

Another interesting option SnapLayout presented to you is to be able to see how many of your friends request. You can decide to accept or reject them. It does not tell you who these "potential" friends. Taking into account the amount of spam with malicious software and can easily spread among friends, I am a bit worried that by the SnapLayout specific functions. Otherwise, it is one of the most inclusive of MySpace archives I've seen the latest editing.

This may be good or bad SnapLayout time, like MySpace only launched its own low file editor last week, may announce as soon as possible next week plans for an open development platform. There will be more applications on MySpace individuals to see, so perhaps SnapLayout can make use of this advantage, the increased activity around the upcoming occurred MySpace pages, and provides a custom level, the user will have to apply to their own characteristics. Other tools include the layout ProfileMine and LoveMyFlash.

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