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WetPaint Launches Templates

Wetpaint's, wiki's creator, also launched a number of new web site templates to provide high-quality choice for classrooms, group projects, games, weddings, sports teams and so on.

These new templates, including the vertical may be required for each template based on your tool of choice. Therefore, some modules such as blog, social networking, information boards will be included as a template from your choice by default. These have formatting options should make a full wiki sites, and speed up the implementation for those who are not familiar with, easier to build a wiki community.

With the new site template options, Wetpaint also added more configuration management tools, to extend their Wetpaint configuration to the user more control, and all included. Now, you can centrally manage your site members, and to inform and e-mail preferences. Such a change is slightly similar to the concept of what is started to enlarge the user, enabling them to better track and mange the various networks within the framework of a larger site, they may be a member. In other wiki news, MindTouch's Deki Wiki open-source posted a few new features earlier this week, its methods and toward a vertical, flat mashup of a number of extensions users often add to their wiki.

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