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BusinessWeek Layoffs: Will All Magazines Die?

This is the end of this year, layoffs are expected this year, unfortunately, the tragedy, with the high-end commercial evaluation. This year in particular is a very rough print media industry. Subscription, newspapers and magazines continued to decline deems it necessary to change direction, focusing on the online sales model, a little more (some even ad-supported), many people gave up this process. Recently, Business 2.0 completely cut off and the Time Inc. family, while the New York Times recently set up a temporary hiring freeze.

Now BuisnessWeek is the latest to do so. According to Alley Insider report, from 8 to 10 staff have been let go, including the national editor Anthony Bianco and photo editor Larry Lipman. While the Business Week layoff focus of the Indian side of things, layoffs have become the unfortunate event of some sites of the business. America Online, for generations since, Snocap companies and even Google (Google) had to cut staff to competition, and their online business more effective.

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