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Fauxto Takes Online Photo Editing a Step Too Far

We have already introduced in the Mashable Online Photo Editor , in the past, mainly because they are a great editing your pictures before posting them to Flickr , MySpace (and), support Friendster , or your blog. It is fair to say that most of them provide a very simple tool. However, this is not with the Fauxto, photo editing, the need to network the largest case-based editor, like a desktop application feel.

In addition to the opening ceremony, from your computer files, drawings tabbed interface shapes and text, open multiple images, you can use the layers as you - will be Photoshop. An eye-catching to see a Web-based applications. One thing not, however, is an Undo button: This is a very annoying omission. Fix the glitches, but it would be a great job.

Other online photo editor, including Picture2Life, Preloadr, Pixoh (renamed "Snipshot" recently), and PXN8. Most of these services provide some type of site and social integration.

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Fauxto Takes Online Photo Editing a Step Too Far