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The Daily Poll: Battle of the Online Photo Editing Tools

The battle in the online photo editing Photoshop is just more of the fast and excellent manufacturer of desktop graphics software - Adobe has publicly released heat.

Although Adobe has brought the brand recognition and its new products, existing players Picnik (and) and FotoFlexer have found fans and their own partners, including Flickr a large number of and Photobucket , respectively, as a major distribution opportunities.

And, as Stein wrote in his review of Photoshop Express, "the final conclusion is: If you have been using things like Picnik online photo editor, switch to the Express is not required, because it does not provide too much." There are dozens of other upstarts seek to photo editing for the masses for free or next to what, because we in our photography toolbox.

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The Daily Poll: Battle of the Online Photo Editing Tools

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