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FlauntR: Web 2.0 Photo Editor 2

I installed FlauntR said most of this one machine at night to see some interesting screenshots. Soon, I was surprised by the load time. At present Facebook's website , not to mention MySpace (and), the load below this point - I think it spent a total of 7 seconds, and instantly I have a full-screen interface, play add effects, so that fine-tune the lighting to photos I can load into the system.

FlauntR is a beautiful new tool, almost all of the photo editing I want. Those who know me can attest, when it comes to computing platform, I often go to the quality and quantity of the economy. I have five or six of the desktop systems which are in or around the 1 GHz clock, and with different amounts of RAM is often to meet your favorite software retailer's $ 9.00 minimum hardware requirements (no, they are not Beowulf clusters) .

Flauntr actually provides three kinds of networks, photo editing application solutions: PhotoStylr, PhotoEditr and PhotoProfilr. Each of the different is its method of photo editing, all three are free to use the landing at the same location.

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