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Aviary SaaS Image Editing Software Leaves Beta

ReadWriteWeb reports that Aviary, a much-hyped and long awaited suite of online image editing tools, is about to leave private beta. Aviary is behind the popular Photoshop contest site Worth1000 using Adobe's Flex who is very easy to graphic design as a Web applications software, the most impressive works.

Aviary's products, including Photoshop alternative to the current stable Phoenix, multi-level image editor, visual effects editor peacocks and mouth bird, a color selection tool. Alpha is currently in a crow, vector graphics editor, and claws, used to create screen captures Firefox plug-ins.

Birds have an ambitious product roadmap, 15 visual, artistic and creative design or development is being planned, including a three-dimensional modeling, audio editing, desktop publishing applications, video editing applications, and even word processing applications. The number of applications according to strict, it is easy to think that is a creative professional counterparts in birds of the Zoho.

November 3, the birds will begin to offer pricing plans. Free, advertising-supported version will be marked with the watermark software to create all the images. Payment plans to eliminate watermarks and advertising, as well as allowing the use of collaboration tools and tutorials. Users can also get paid Alpha version of the software free of charge to customers before the morning rush hour.

The following diagram illustrates the payment plan for the future next week. Any signs, who Sunday won the most expensive plan 50.

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