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Karmic Koala: Ubuntu 9.10 Is Here

From behind the snow leopard, and Windows 7 release has already been finalized, we still have a major operating system release: the most popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu's 9.10 a new version available for download.

Naming karmic in koala, the new Ubuntu for (Ubuntu's) - as always - is expected to be faster, easier to use, so that versions of the Linux operating system (Linux) core, the latest version of GNOME, and Firefox (Firefox) 3.5 2.6.31. The biggest news, however, one is Ubuntu, network synchronization services to make your online 2 GB of disk space, so that you sync notes and contacts, as well as share files between multiple computers.

Boot time has been greatly reduced, demand specification (the company behind Ubuntu), the barrier-free environment will be improved (Ubuntu is now translated into 23 languages), and the operating system open source software can also packaged with the software center. Finally, the Internet can download and install the owners specifically for them to create a version, called the case study.

"Ubuntu's 9.10 more than ever, offering users even more reason to seriously consider the real-time Linux, many are thinking about their own operating system choice. We offer an easy to use for interested users, large platform of view, network operating system friendly, "said Jane Silber, chief operating officer typical.

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