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MyDataBus, SnipShot Hook Up

MyDataBus, online storage and your photos, video and document management systems, announced that they are Snipshot API integration, today.

With the Snipshot air pollution index, MyDataBus users can now edit their own online upload photos. MyDataBus can more easily share information networks, storage space for media content and provide a round trip can use your MySpace (MySpace), the Dongguan Shijie (Dongguan Shijie), Piczo's, and Facebook (Facebook) profile website . Because of their MySpace and Facebook crowd, it is logical, they offer image editing tool, users do not need third-party service providers looking for the convenience of attention.

With the Snipshot of the Ajax technology, image-editing tool, users can adjust the size, color, rotate and crop images online. By providing an API, any web services can be easily by providing Snipshot image editing. It is relatively easy, the images can be imported using the services of bookmarks Snipshot face. Although there are also MyDataBus Snipshot offline desktop application, it is still a good move right MyDataBus for their customers to provide additional tools. Hope that we will see some music and video editing tools for the next.

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MyDataBus, SnipShot Hook Up