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Online Photo Editing is now a Picnik

Online photo editing, get better and better. What we Fauxto, Picture2Life, Snipshot's, Preloadr, more than in the past, but I think Picnik's (Picnik's) may be one of the best.

Picnik is a simpler and more intuitive than most desktop applications, and to thank Flash is being prepared, it is also just as fast - I usually hate site is 100% of the flash memory (for example, Capazoo and Wallop is mainly social network), but I think that Web application, it is fine.

What is Picnik's are beginning to realize, is an online photo editor need to integrate as much as possible photo-sharing site. Therefore, you can upload pictures from your computer or imported from Flickr (the Flickr), of any Web site, Yahoo search, Flickr search, or take a snapshot of their camera. Then, you can automatically repair, rotation, cropping, and sharpening images, rotate and adjust variables such as brightness and contrast. Upon completion, you can export to ImageShack (ImageShack) in, Photobucket (PhotoBucket on), Nakama, of Flickr, Fotolog and other services. This is perfect, in fact, the preservation of an annoying detail: you can not adjust the size of the photos are a certain number of pixels wide, but the percentage must be used. To solve this problem, I think we would consider dumping a lot of people we do every day of grass-roots editing desktop software.

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Online Photo Editing is now a Picnik

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