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Online Photo Editing Overview

The launch of Picnik a few days ago brought us yet another online photo-editing tools for couples. Like Fauxto, Picnik use of Flash, while the early editing tools are best suited to the browser using Ajax Editor.

Since all computers have the basic software, rotate, resize and crop photos, the need for a compelling reason to use online services. Uploaded to such a service, edit the photo, and then download back to your hard drive costs are high. To compensate for this, most services allow you to edit photos to Flickr directly, Webshots business or other online photo services, saving users from uploading and downloading of making trouble.

These online services, most also provide editing tools, beyond the simple rotation, resizing and cropping, and began to spread to the territory of Photoshop. Here is a little better, combined with our recent tests Description:

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Online Photo Editing Overview