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Photo Editing For Real People With Fotox

The first time I read Fotox In a Dmitri Popov, who wrote the article, I like to read a large number of articles. I give it a test drive, it does not have Adobe's Photoshop. This, to me is a plus editing - digital photos, Photoshop is the price too high, Lardy overkill, but in any case there is no Linux version. Fotox with a small but useful features, including red-eye repair, sharpening, bending, stretching, noise reduction, cropping and resizing. It only supports JPEG format. It has filled a Linux photo editing ignore ecology, this is an easy to use photo editor, including the most commonly used functions. It is also equipped with two useful functions, a larger picture editor has many of them are: Panoramic and HDR.

Human Development Report, which means "high dynamic range." In simple English, this means that you put different exposure photographs of the same subject, and then layers them to create a different exposure effects. When the clever use of the Human Development Report, which is a good way to balance the exposure of the extreme, creating a more realistic-looking image. It also intensified color and contrast. A common problem is a beautiful landscape is darker than the sky, so whether you're out of the sky is too dark or your landscape. Human Development Report allows you to sandwich two different exposure to balance two extremes, so your photos look your eyes to see such a scene. This is your beautiful sky, the dramatic landscape. With less clever, you can create some seem ultra-realistic three-dimensional images and amazing. The best place to see the action of the Human Development Report, before and after photos, forum. These forums are like their master's degree education photography. In another place to see examples are the Human Development Report Human Development Report in the Flickr pool.

A better feature Fotox are so many applications is not a clear, complete English user manual and quick start guide in Germany. Graphical user interface in English, German and Spanish. Fotox did not appear in any further distribution of library. Follow the installation instructions, it is a simple source code to build, and. deb file, or. Speed installation. You need to exiv2 to read EXIF data. Fotox is a dwarf, friendly, so to install the desktop environment to any other means you may have to manually launch the establishment of a menu.

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