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Amazing Photo Editor

Amazing photo editor is a powerful and easy to use photo to photo editing software, image editing, browsing. You can edit multiple photos at the same time. Amazing photo editor, is also a photo / image converter. This photo, image conversion, editing software, including 33 amazing effect filters, and you can edit, convert, optimize photos and images easy. Amazing photo editor, including a simple GIF editor to edit photos and images of GIF animation. It can also convert between GIF and AVI animations.

* Edit multiple images once
* Powerful editing features: rotate, resize, paint, etc.
* Support 53 input image formats (BMP, as well as JPG, GIF, TIFF file ...)
* Support 27 output image format
* Batch conversion saves time
* GIF animation graphic converted to AVI
* AVI animation to GIF animated images covnerters
* 33 photo, image effects filters

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