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FotoFlexer Launches Image Editing with Facebook App

FotoFlexer is a new, Web-based photo editing service, very considerate of the plug-in with Facebook to launch in.

With the FotoFlexer, you can add effects to your images, and save in your album. All the expected fun photo editing, and color from the face-swelling effect. Access FotoFlexer's home page, and with you several sets of "Meet Before" and "in the" image, most of them look their diet pills TV shopping programs. Having said that, there is a specific editor has been appointed for this purpose tool for couples: Remove stain and wrinkle smoothing, to name a few. I tried both of them out, they seem to play a role are not well, but it seems more likely, if there is a zoom option.

The first new Web site launched a ready-made work of Facebook applications, FotoFlexer lets you edit photos in Facebook (Facebook) is. More importantly, from the drop-down in the FotoFlexer toolbar drop-down box, you can choose from your Facebook network of friends, photo album for more options. This application also allows you to send an e-mail, photos, or add them directly to your news feeds, as well as your comments.

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