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Google Docs Further Evolves the Ol Writely

Some updates have been released Google Docs (you know, the old Writely), according to Google Blogoscoped. In the tabs at the top has been replaced with the traditional menu bar will be new (and existing relatively easy) users can take advantage of, because of its familiarity with Microsoft Word in a certain desktop applications.

Other changes made to the overall navigation easier. For example, HTML edit mode has been transferred to the Edit menu options and revision of history has on the File menu option up. Google (Google) Blogoscoped has Writely history, through the screen snapshot bit, if you want to Web-based applications have been developed for more details.

More importantly, this is the new menu format allows Google to easily layer of additional menu options, then later, no further clutter the page. Most Web-based document creation and editing tools, we must adhere to from the usability point of view, to fully familiar with the format. While Google seems to have done a lot of work in order to fully integrate into their applications, Google Writely document, it is clear that a continued effort to optimize the navigation will be in some way at least a little while in order to set the format to return, longer

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Google Docs Further Evolves the Ol Writely

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