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Photo Design Robot - Design and Editing Photos As the

After my kids went to bed, I turned on the laptop and reviewed the photos of my family, my wife and kids from their babyhood. I can't help laughing aloud when some very funny pictures recall many wonderful memories.

My friend Richard, a Photoshop expert, used to help design some photos, blend some frames, background and cute cartoon images onto my kids' photos. The effects are so amazing that my wife and kids jumped very high when I printed it out.

After expressing my appreciation to Richard, "Does photo design just belong to the experts who study it for years?", I asked him. He smiled without answer. Although most of us have skills of word processing to fulfill daily works, few are skilled at professional design tools like Photoshop or CorelDraw. I kept asking myself how to design photos as the experts do and had been looking for a tool, which can help to do it and make my kids be proud of me.

I opened Google and searched the keyword 'photo design software' and in the list found the tool of 5DFly Photo Design software. The editor's comment is that design over 10 photos by 3-5 mouse clicks. Is that real? Five minutes later after I downloaded and tried it, I became its fan. It's very cute with lots of wonderful photo templates like baby & kids calendar, baby birth announcement, graduation announcement, love & romantic, Valentine's Day, wedding photo templates and more. It seems to me a mystery and till now I couldn't figure out how the software robot is able to design photos by itself like a human.

The next day my wife and kids waked up and saw the prints I designed, they were so surprised and happy that gave me thousands of bear hugs and kisses. I am so happy and don't want to keep it a secret.

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Photo Design Robot - Design and Editing Photos As the