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What is PDF

After reading some of the company's technical specification documents, white papers, research reports and other documentation, we often use the PDF format. What is a PDF, how to open. Pdf format documents? PDF is the acronym for Portable Document Format, translated into a portable file format. PDF Reader Adobe Reader designed to open the suffix. PDF format documents. PDF reader (Adobe Reader) was developed by Adobe to read an electronic document software, Adobe's free PDF reader to download. Many in the software download site also has pdf file viewer free download.

The advantage of PDF file format, file format and operating system platform-independent, that is, PDF files, whether in Windows, Unix or Apple's Mac OS operating system are common. This feature makes it the Internet on the distribution of electronic documents and digital information dissemination in the ideal document format. More and more e-books, product description, company announcements, network information, e-mail to start using PDF format. PDF format of digital information has become a de facto industry standard.

PDF reader is sometimes referred to as PDF file viewer, PDF browser, PDF e-book reader or a PDF file browser.

Note: PDF reader (Adobe Reader) is free software, open the PDF format, only for electronic documents, but the word to other documents into PDF format for electronic documents, you need to use Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Acrobat is a billing software. Installed can be made of electronic documents PDF format, Adobe Acrobat, the do not have to specifically install the Adobe Reader can read PDF documents.

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