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What is a PDF document

PDF full name of the Portable Document Format, is short for portable document format, but also the format extension. It is developed by the Adobe company's unique cross-platform file format. It can put the document text, formatting, font, color, resolution, links and graphic images, sound, moving image, etc. All the information is encapsulated in a special integration file. It is the starting point is technically a high-function, feature significantly stronger than the existing text in a variety of popular formats; another famous, superior strength of Adobe's hard to promote, and now has become a new generation of electronic text, the industry can not be disputed standard. Is absolutely unprecedented in its possession superior cross-platform functionality (applicable to all platforms with MAC/WINXX/UNIX/LINUX/OS2, etc.), do not rely on any system, language, fonts, and display mode; and HTML which has hypertext links to navigate reading; strong print publishing capabilities to support the various requirements of electronic publishing; and received the support of a large number of third-party software companies, with a variety of browsing mode of operation; and other traditional document formats smaller and more convenient on the Internet transmission.

Open the PDF file are available:

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Reader
Foxit Reader (too Acrobat or Adobe Reader use this bar too)
Foxit PDF Editor
ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional

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