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How to convert TIFF to PDF

Convert TIFF to PDF is very easy to image converter plus. In the Windows Explorer, select a TIFF image, and then click the right mouse button. In the context menu, select Convert to submenu and click Custom convert line.
Files added to the custom conversion.

The list will already contain images selected from Windows Explorer.

To add other files, press Add image button and select the TIFF format, some of the documents are converted to PDF format. PDF format, select the target format.

Expand the "Save as PDF format, the picture" group and adjust any settings necessary. Available colors are from 2 to 256 colors. 8,24,32-bit color depth available.
Available compression types:

* LZW compression
* Fax
* Up riveting

Besides color depth, you can also choose to convert types:

* Separate documents - all images, single-page, as well as multi-page, they will be saved as a separate single-page document.
* Multi-page document - that all images will be converted into a separate file. Page numbers assigned under the file list.
* Because it is - that all pictures will be saved according to the source file's structure.
* Add a page to file - converted images are added to the specified file. If the file does not exist, it will be created.

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