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BMP to PDF Conversion

A BMP, or bitmap file, is a Windows program icons on the images and other files used on the screen image. You can view BMP files Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. BMP files can be converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) files by using Adobe Photoshop. Converted files can be viewed as a PDF reader by people.

Open the BMP file
1. Open the Adobe's Photoshop. Click "File" and then select "Open" and then navigate to the included BMP files, you want to open. Click the file name, then "Open." Any necessary changes: Delete the text, cut or altered.
From the bone turnover for the PDF
2. Once you make the necessary changes, click "File" and then click on "Save As." Select a directory to save the file, or save the file the same with the BMP files in the directory. Next, select "the Photoshop PDF format (*. PDF, * PDP)" from "format" box. Enter a new file name or remain in the "File name the same file name:" box. Then click on "Save." Select "Encoding" type - "Zip" or "JPEG format" - once the "PDF Options" dialog box appears. The default is "JPEG format" and "Quality: 10 - maximum." You also can set your PDF security (default is no security). Then click "OK."
Check the PDF files
3. Navigate to your saved PDF files, and open the files. Check the text, graphics, and the other elements, to ensure that everything is the same as a BMP file. If there is a need for change, return to Photoshop, and make changes and re-save it as PDF files. Keep a copy as a backup copy of the original BMP file after the PDF format has been created.

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