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Pixoo Fixes Your Face

Pixoo is a new service to edit your pictures, and bring them to the repatriation of all landscaping. It costs about 20 yuan a range of about 24 hours repairing your face. The site is currently a test version, but I have the opportunity to take a look.

Start by uploading their own pictures, so Pixoo know what you want changes. There are requests from other users, some of the recommendations, if you are stumped. If more than one person's photograph, Pixoo will allow you to determine which one is the real you.

So, yesterday I gave the picture as shown below. Although I love my mother, I want a more professional-looking photos of what it owns. So I asked Pixoo remove the background, repair my hair made me look like a real business! You can see the gap (I think they even gave me some extra eye liner!).

This service is aimed at those who want to clean photos used in a variety of social networks, user profiles. Once you have the image of the Pixoo approved the revised, it is saved to your gallery, there it is supplemented by various social networks like Twitter (Twitter), the slides, Baidu (Baidu), and a more accurate size of the available.

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