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Retweet This: Twitter Retweets Now Live For Everyone

Caught in the middle like a list of Twitter, and Twitter's location API has been the most controversial features, but: This machine supports retweets great feature version of the.

New retweet feature officially off the assembly line earlier this month, the company's CEO Evan Williams had to explain in detail. Now, however, is characterized by the site owner.

Twitter (Twitter) with their own real-time news platform, through the call and announced the completion of the deployment, which means that Twitterers are retweet feature of Twittersphere round. If you are just excellent and functional, you can expect your home page a few words to explain the pop-up window, in order to help explain the differences to ease into the new user interface elements you.

If you're curious, we've talked about Twitter's aspirations of the advantages and advantages and disadvantages of the formal retweeting practices. However, now look at your time to see if we know that you love or hate the new retweets.

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Retweet This: Twitter Retweets Now Live For Everyone

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